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Find all your Broadway Bowl leagues here and call (715) 235-2355 for further details on any Spring, Summer, or Fall leagues.

League times and details subject to change before leagues start.

Find all your League Standings

Day Time League Name Type People
Monday 7:00pm Icebreaker Couples 3
Tuesday 5:00pm Three Man Men 3
Tuesday 7:00pm Miracle Mile Mixed 5
Tuesday 9:00pm Cloverleaf Men 3
Wednesday 4:30pm Women's Two Women 2
Wednesday 6:30pm Bowlerettes Women 4
Wednesday 7:30pm Classic League Mixed 3
Thursday 6:45pm City League Mixed 4
Thursday 7:00pm Commercial Mixed 4
Friday 12:30pm Golden Age Senior 5
Friday 6:30pm Fun League Mixed 4
Friday 7:00pm Couples Night Couples 4
Saturday 9:00am Broadway Youth Juniors 4
Sunday* 4:00pm Adult/Youth Adult/Youth 2
Sunday 6:30pm Dukes & Dutchess Couples 4

* League meets every other week